Holidays Over, Time for the Real Work to Begin

ALERT, UNEMPLOYMENT ALERT! Quick everyone to your bathrobes and brownies, this is not a drill.

I can say that this has probably been the second most trying time in my life. Why you may ask? Oh you didn’t ask? Too bad! This year has been a year of huge change in my life. When I turned 30 I knew that there where going to have to be some chances made. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t healthy, I wasn’t myself.

So I started talking to a therapist, and I stepped down from a position that I had spent a big chunk of my life at. I had no plan, no back up. I guess I didn’t realize that it could be post Christmas and I would still be waiting to hear back other jobs. Had I been as vigilant as I should have? No! Whatever I could handle is what I did, and most of the time that wasn’t very much.

I used the phone app, Talk Space (not sponsored), and got matched with a therapist that gave me some good advice and was a great third party soundboard for my issues. I had (have) very little funds and at the time it was a convenient, good, and affordable option. Eventually, I couldn’t afford it and I had to freeze my account until I find a way to support the therapy.

I was surprised by the support and all out happiness that I got from family and friends who saw that I had taken a step towards mental healthiness. Surprise, why?! I felt ashamed that I couldn’t do it all on my own, but little did I know that it was opening me up to letting go of some of that control.

Fast forward to Christmas. Still no job, but I was determined to have a great holiday. With some help from my boe, I had to put my sewing skills, I mean my post-apocalyptic life skills, to some good use. Among other things, we cleaned, cooked, and hosted our butts off for the holidays and it was all worth it. It wasn’t perfect, glamorous, or over the top, but it was fun and filled with family. It reminded me that everything will work out one way or another, and I need to relax (as I sit here grinding my teeth). I am a bit closer to being ready for 2018, maybe.

So with that, here is my favorite Christmas shot!


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